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Anaesthesia Machine – Atlas N7

Fully electronic Anaesthesia Workstation provide a high performance and safety for all patients categories.

Anaesthesia Patient monitor – Gemini

Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor for ICU/NICU, CCU and OR Applications.

Anaesthesia Vaporizer Chenwei VPll

Best Selling High Quality Multi-Functional Anesthesia Vaporizer (Chenwei-VPll)
Perfect compensation for Temperature, flow and pressure High precise vaporizer CE certificate

Anesthesia Machine – Atlas N3

Conventional Anaesthesia Workstation with mechanical Flowmeter and fully equipped Ventilation Modes.

CWM-201A – Anesthesia Machine

CE Marked Cost-Effective High Quality ICU Anaesthesia Machine Cwm-201A

CWM-301C – Anesthesia Machine

Portable Hospital Medical Device Anaesthesia Ventilator with CE Cwm-301c