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Acier Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel Wire Flexible wire for sternal closure
  • High performance steel with substantial biocompatibility
  • Easy passage through the sternum without traumatism
  • Ultra resistant 8 point needle attachment
  • Proficient on the more complex sternal closures

Bone wax Belgium

COMPOSITION: refined white beeswax, paraffin and isopropyl palmitate INDICATIONS: used in the control of bleeding from bone surfaces by acting as a mechanical barrier PRESENTATION: 2,5 g plates individually wrapped 12 in one box, sterile

EMG Myoline – Disposable Concentric Needle Electrode

· Our new robotic sharpening provides excellent penetration of the needle and less trauma for the patient.
· Golden connector for best recording.
· 100% quality control on manufactured needles.
· Ergonomic handle with area indicator marker.

Headrest position Gel

the Headrest gel used for those cases that the position on spine, as rhinoplasty, General surgery cases, it helps the patient to be save and will not get pain after surgery because of the position of surgery.

HOSPITA’s Skin Stapler

HOSPITA's Skin Stapler can be used for a variety of skin closures
ergonomic and user friendly design clear view of operating site easy to check remaining staples