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B-800 Infant Incubator

STANDARD COMPOSITION: ● Servo Control Mode: airtemp; ● Instant Parameter Displaying: set temp, air temp, heat power rate; ● Audible

Infant Incubator – YXK-2000G

Air and baby skin mode control, humidity control , double wall hood, 2 cabinet. YXK-2000G infant incubator is designed with advanced thermoregulation system for neonate intensive care unit. Ultrasonic humidifier supplies low temperature and comfortable air flow inside of incubator. 40%~80% humidity adjustable range provides the suitable incubation environment for the patients. The double wall chamber design prevents the heating and humidity loss.

Infant Incubator – YXK-2000GA

Air and baby skin mode control, humidity control, 2 cabinet. The YXK-2000GA also is an intuitive temperature display with advanced thermoregulation system for caregivers, also monitored the accurate humidity by 40%-80% RH inside of incubators.

Infant Incubator – YXK-5GB

Air and baby skin mode control, Drawer & Cabinet. We designed an environmental condition suitable for neonate patient by advanced thermoregulation system, and ability to control heat and noise and so on , provides comfortable, easy to use for caregivers.

Infant Incubator – YXK-6G

Air mode control.

The YXK-6G is our basic model but compact design incubator keeps the fragile neonate in a stable environment for the best care.