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Instrument and Drug Cabinet

For entire sterilization required centers
Grade 304 Stainless Steel.
0.8mm plates thickness.
Stainless steel adjustable feet
Lockable and magnetic glass doors and 3 shelves
Dimensions (WxLxH): 400x900x1800 mm ( custom sizes are accepted).

Liver / Oncology Thompson Retractor System

Liver / Oncology Thompson Retractor System Uncompromised Exposure for Liver Transplant / Resection Utilizing a bilateral retractor frame set up, the Thompson Liver / Oncology System provides surgeons with the ability to obtain stable, versatile retraction for liver transplants, liver resections, oncology, and obesity cases. Combined with Thompson Retractor’s expansive blade selection, the bilateral set up offers multi-planed retraction and unlimited flexibility for the most complex abdominal and pelvic cases.

NABATOFF Varicose Vein Stripper Set

HOSPITA's Nabatoff Varicose vein stripper set consists of: 1 Handle, 6 Probes & 1 Flexible Cable fitted in an oval metal case.

Rhinoplasty Set

Raw Material: Best quality German Stainless Steels.
Our standard Rhinoplasty set consists of 105 highly specialized instruments and 105 instrument pieces.
Our second set consists of 40 highly specialized instruments and 50 instrument pieces

Sterilization Containers

Surgical instruments are far too valuable to be left unprotected. HOSPITA’s sterilization Containers, trays and wire baskets have excellent structural integrity and are suitable for handling, washing, sterilizing and storing small microdissection and surgical instruments, as well as small parts.

Surtex Instrument Sets

Surtex Instruments® is a medical instruments manufacturer from United Kingdom. Our commitment to innovative solutions, excellence and quality craftsmanship in the manufacture surgical instruments has made us one of the most trusted brands by healthcare professionals.

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