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Anaesthesia Machine – Atlas N7

Fully electronic Anaesthesia Workstation provide a high performance and safety for all patients categories.

Anaesthesia Patient monitor – Gemini

Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor for ICU/NICU, CCU and OR Applications.

Anesthesia Machine – Atlas N3

Conventional Anaesthesia Workstation with mechanical Flowmeter and fully equipped Ventilation Modes.

ICU Ventilator – Crius V6

15.6 inch, fully electronic ICU ventilator for adult , paediatric, and neonate.

Fully electronic control, Blower drive

15.6" Touch screen

Patient types: Adult/Pediatric/Neonate

Tidal volume: 5 to 2000mL

iHope RS 300 Ventilator

Product overview 1.  360°visible alarm 2.  Collapsible touching display 3.  One-hand operative valves 4.  Multi-function configurable pillar 5 Single & dual cylinder compatible.

Keewell Blood and Infusion Warmer FT1800

A high accurate, intelligent microprocessor controlled blood & infusion warmer for all medical departments. Set temperature between 33-41C. Device is compatible with standard IV tube, no special disposables needed.