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Liver / Oncology Thompson Retractor System

Liver / Oncology Thompson Retractor System Uncompromised Exposure for Liver Transplant / Resection Utilizing a bilateral retractor frame set up, the Thompson Liver / Oncology System provides surgeons with the ability to obtain stable, versatile retraction for liver transplants, liver resections, oncology, and obesity cases. Combined with Thompson Retractor’s expansive blade selection, the bilateral set up offers multi-planed retraction and unlimited flexibility for the most complex abdominal and pelvic cases.

Vital Sign Monitor NC5

Applied to outpatient, emergency and general wards. As a spot check monitor and bed side monitor, it integrates NIBP, SpO2, ECG, Ear Temp. It is simple, tasteful, compact and lightweight, a perfect combination of technology and aesthetics.

Microbiological Safety Cabinet Class II A2

Offering high-level protection for the user, environment and product, the MGK Series Microbiological Safety Cabinets are designed for all studies with microorganisms with no harmful and damage level uncertain. It provides full protection against particles produced within the working zone. Provides full protection against contaminants suspended in ambient air.

PCR Cabinet

PCR Working Cabinets Are working stations used to prevent the contamination of reaction material with foreign DNA/RNA in molecular biological studies with nucleic acids. In addition to protecting material against ambient air currents as a physical barrier, decontamination of biological materials in the working cabinet is provided before and after application of biological materials in the working cabinet.

Emergency Turbine Ventilator CWH-8010

High-End CE Marked Hospital Medical Equipment Turbine Ventilator Cwh-8010

CWM-301C – Anesthesia Machine

Portable Hospital Medical Device Anaesthesia Ventilator with CE Cwm-301c

CWM-301D – Anesthesia Machine

Medical Equipment Medical Device ICU Anaesthesia Machine with CE Cwm-301d

Universal ECG Belt

An easy-to-use silicone electrode belt that connects to any 12-lead Resting ECG device. FEATURES: Reusable Simple & Fast Application One Size Fits All - Men & Women Compatible with all 12-lead ECG recorders.

Universal operating table ET300C

ET300C as an advanced automatic operating table, can meet various requirements of operations, long horizontal sliding, suitable for C arm and X-ray. It adopted micro touch remote control, any movements can be adjusted by it. Flexible adjustment on head plate, back plate and seat plate. built-in kidney bridge. High automation, low noise, high reliability. Key parts imported from abroad, can be regarded as an ideal electric table.

Surgical Light – L6

Natural Light Mixing Technology: Natural Light Mixing Technology: Based on the conventional LED light source, the light source with four different color shades is integrated into one lamp bead and pre-mixed in the convex lens to maintain a stable white light throughout the lighting path. This provides a more intense color rendering effect than conventional light sources. Doctors can choose to focus on different tissue structures such as heart, blood vessels, fat, etc. to enhance the display effect of the key tissues and weaken the color rendering of other tissues.  

Electrosurgical Generator – Cautery EB03

EB03 electrosurgical generator is a versatile electrosurgical unit for all around surgical procedures through all types of tissue. It has integrated seven power output, tissue responding and automatic solid or split return electrode recognition functions, with which surgeons can perform highly precise and safe operations.

Syringe Pump

KellyMed Syringe pump with good feedback and High quality.

Microbiological Safety Cabinet Class II B2

Offering high-level protection for the user, environment and product, the MLF Series Microbiological Safety Cabinets are designed for all studies with microorganisms with no harmful and damage level uncertain. It provides full protection against particles produced within the working zone. Provides full protection against contaminants suspended in ambient air.

Biolight Vital Sign Patient Monitor V6

Highly versatile monitoring solution for Primary Care Biolight V6 Vital Signs Monitor is an advanced, touch screen monitor featuring bright, vivid colors with minimal knobs & buttons for easy operating, improved workflow. Ideal and adaptable for all health care environments and clinical workflows, it measures SpO2, NIBP, Quick Temperature and EtCO2. For hospitals, this monitor support multiple clinical workflows including triage, spot check vitals and continuous monitoring for higher acuity patients. V6 vital sign monitor create a highly versatile monitoring solution for primary care.

Hospital medical device portable ECG IBP patient monitor

Biolight S series is a multi-parameter patient monitor that can measure the patients’ ECG, RR, PR, HR, SpO2, TEMP, CO2, IBP, NIBP, C.O., DM, while displaying, reviewing, storing and printing the monitored information.

High Quality Handheld Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Patient Monitor SPO2 PR

High Quality Handheld Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Patient Monitor SPO2 PR The monitoring parameters include continuously monitoring or spot checking of SpO2, PR, ECG and HR. M800 2.4“ color TFT display with auto rotation function Monitoring parameter:SpO2, PR(standard);Nellcor SpO2,3-lead ECG/RR(optional) Automatic power-off function for power saving Adjustable audio and visual alarms Large data storage capacity up to 300 groups per ID Selectable layout modes including font and waveforms PC host communication software

Digital 12 Channel ECG Machine Medical Equipment Electrocardiograph Device

Digital 12 Channel ECG Machine Medical Equipment Electrocardiograph Device BIOLIGHT 12 channel ECG series, with advanced electrocardiogram technology, captures and stores every heartbeat of patient, and by using BIOLIGHT innovative ECG analysis algorithm, provide clinicians with the diagnostic confidence to make fast and reliable cardiac care decisions 4 kinds of filter setting: AC filter, baseline drift filter, EMG filter, lowpass filter High-speed baseline correction filter ensures rapidly correcting the baseline.

Biolight E30 Electrocardiograph 3 Channel Medical ECG Machine

Biolight E30 Electrocardiograph 3 Channel Medical ECG Machine Features:
4.3″color LCD touch screen high-resolution & high- frequency data sampling realize that waveforms display accurately Innovative digital filters ensure better performance high-precision data saving ensures the accuracy of follow-up data analysis Built in 80mm reel type thermal printing mechanism Support external printer and barcode scanner Automatic measurement and interpretation passed the test of authoritative CES database

45L 60L 80L Class B Autoclave Machine

As a type of high pressure sterilizer, it takes steam as its sterilization medium which is fast, safe and economic. They are common used in medical health care institution or R&D institution to make the sterilization for wrapped or unwrapped instrument, fabric, utensils, culture medium, unsealed liquid, etc.

Acier Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel Wire Flexible wire for sternal closure
  • High performance steel with substantial biocompatibility
  • Easy passage through the sternum without traumatism
  • Ultra resistant 8 point needle attachment
  • Proficient on the more complex sternal closures

Actalyke Mini II – ACT Analyzer

The MINI II is the simplest, least expensive ACT instrument available, yet it retains high sensitivity, 2-point clot detection for greatest reliability. Performance, linearity and CVs parallel larger Actalyke analyzers. It’s ideal for use in the catheterization, dialysis or the surgical suite.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor ABPM – Holter

Holter Blood Pressure Monitor

A lightweight and compact blood pressure monitor that assists clinicians with better diagnosis and management of hypertension. Records up to 250 measurements of systolic & diastolic blood pressure and heart rate.

Anaesthesia Machine – Atlas N7

Fully electronic Anaesthesia Workstation provide a high performance and safety for all patients categories.

Anaesthesia Vaporizer Chenwei VPll

Best Selling High Quality Multi-Functional Anesthesia Vaporizer (Chenwei-VPll)
Perfect compensation for Temperature, flow and pressure High precise vaporizer CE certificate

B-800 Infant Incubator

STANDARD COMPOSITION: ● Servo Control Mode: airtemp; ● Instant Parameter Displaying: set temp, air temp, heat power rate; ● Audible

BDC-12 Blood Donation Chair 2 Motors

  • 2 Motors
  • Electronic Adjustments of Backrest, Footrest and Trendelenburg Functions
  • Hand Control Unit
  • Auto-Contour

Blepharoplasty Set (Eyelid Surgery Set)

Our comprehensive Blepharoplasty set consists of 21 pcs of surgical instruments, 14 items specialized for performing eyelid surgery.

BLIZZ 1100 Electrical Obstetric / Delivery Bed

The delivery bed BLIZZ 1100 proves itself with its spectacular appearance as well as its technical features. The bed powered by three motors provides safety, bacteriological protection and comfort during for obstetrics department. Meet with the BLIZZ 1100 improve your patients comfort, safety and satisfaction.


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